How to lock Facebook profile

Welcome, as you check in on how to lock Facebook profile to be private to other users.

Facebook is a community where everyone communicates. It is a social media platform where people from all over the world meet, chat and make friends. Besides, we may receive information about people of interest to us from the platform.

  This option can expose the person to security threats, as people can easily track you even without your knowledge. There is no limit to how many people can stalk you. By accessing your profile, they can retrieve information about you and upload your profile pictures.
Why should I lock my Facebook profile?
  This will restrict access to your profile and your information will only be visible to your friends. Once your profile is locked, non-friends will not be able to see your profile. In addition, they will not be able to upload your photos, including profile and cover photos, and they will not be able to see your advertising stories in posts.
Locking Facebook profile is also good too, as some of your informations will be hidden from hackers and scammers who want fakes it to pretend to be you, in other to scam friends and others.
  Once activated, the Profile Lock feature automatically changes the status of posts posted to Public for Friends, and also includes a timeline and tag view. Anyone who wants to tag you in photos must get permission from you manually, otherwise you cannot be tagged.
  If you feel like your account is under threat and you couldn’t help but have your Facebook profile blocked, then you are on the right page. Facebook recently introduced a security feature known as Facebook profile locking.
  Facebook’s profile locking feature allows users to better control their profiles by completely locking their profile from outsiders.
  If you want to know how it works, follow these simple steps.
  How to block your Facebook profile
Log in to your Facebook account using the main Facebook app,
Click on the menu bar and go to settings, change your language to “Arabic” and minimize the app
  Now Launch the Facebook app and tap your profile.
  Then click on the three-dot menu next to the “Add to story” section and look for the “Lock Profile” option.
  Tap the option you see on the Lock Profile page.
  Finally, click the “Lock Profile” button to confirm, and your Facebook profile will be locked from people who are not your friends.
Now go back to language settings and change it to English or any language of your choice.
Now you can use another Facebook account to check it out, make it’s not in the friend list.
  How to unblock your Facebook profile
  To unblock your Facebook profile, follow these simple steps:
  Log in to Facebook website or use your mobile phone to visit your profile.
  Tap or click the three-dot menu and find the Unlock Profile option.
  You should receive a pop-up message. Select “Unlock Profile” and your profile will be unlocked and available to everyone again.
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