A Crack Just Appeared on Your Windshield, What to do

It’s not unusual for windscreens to develop scratches or cracks over time. Due to the presence of stones and other trash on the roadway, the vast majority of vehicles will encounter this problem at some point. Knowing what to do in the event that it occurs will make the stressful scenario much more manageable.

A Crack Just Appeared on Your Windshield, What to do

Is It Possible to Fix a Windshield That Has Cracks In It?

If there is only a minor chip or crack in your windshield, it is likely that it can be repaired without the need for the entire windshield to be replaced. If a crack is smaller than a dollar bill, then it can typically be repaired. This is a good general rule of thumb to follow. In order for a chip to be mended, it must be less than two inches across and no more than one inch deep.

Don’t Freak Out Just Because Your Windshield Just Cracked; Here’s What You Should Do

In the event that the damage is more extensive than this, you will require a new windshield. Your old glass can be removed at a repair shop, and a new panel of glass that has been set in place using a specialized glue can be installed in its place.

In the event that your windshield cracks, the following are the actions you should take as soon as possible to fix the damage.

Determine the Full Extent of the Damage.

There is a possibility that whatever struck your windshield did not cause any damage at all. This is because auto glass is relatively strong. If you are driving and observe any damage, pull over to a safe location so that you can inspect it more thoroughly. During the inspection, you should pay attention to both the length and the depth of the damage so that you can assess whether or not it can be repaired or whether it needs to be replaced entirely.

Determine Whether or Not Your Vehicle Can Still Be Driven

It is quite unlikely that a minor chip in your windshield will have any impact on your visibility while you are driving. Another matter entirely is if there is a larger crack that is directly in your line of sight. It is not safe for you to continue driving if the crack or chip in your windshield is making it impossible for you to see out of it. Take a moment to pull over, and then decide what to do next.

Avoid Further Damage

If you put off repairing a chip or crack in your windshield, the issue will almost certainly become much more serious in the near future. If you are forced to wait before the repair can be scheduled, make sure to stay away from places with extremely high temperatures. These factors frequently cause glass to expand and contract, which subjects it to an even higher level of stress and can cause the crack to grow more severe.

File a Claim with Your Insurance Company.

You will need to get in touch with your auto insurance company to file a claim if the comprehensive coverage component of your policy is active. Their experts are able to guide you through the process of getting the damage repaired and provide reimbursement for some or all of the associated costs.

Fix the Cracks in the Windshield

There are a number of organizations that specialize in windshield repair and can give their services in a garage or even in the comfort of your own home. In order to get the process of repair started as quickly as possible, you should make sure to get in touch with a professional.


If you follow these straightforward instructions, repairing cracks and breaks in your windshield will be a breeze, despite the fact that having such damage might be an annoyance.

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