Difference between Jumia and Jiji

Jumia and Jiji, as well as an online store and marketplace where people buy things and buy for other services.


Specifically, these online stores operate mainly in African countries.
  Stay tuned as we will differentiate between Jumia and Jiji and how they work as noted below.
1. Existence
  Jumia is not only an online store, Jumia is a privately owned company. Jumia also has offices, shops, and warehouses in many locations, which means that someone can directly go to their stores to buy items without first inquiring online. But the rare fact is that people prefer to shop online because Jumia is highly trusted.
  While Jiji should be defined as a sort of social network where people register with others to post what they sell or find what they want to buy, this means that most of the things listed on Jiji are not posted by the owners website.
  In addition, you sell things on Jiji, while it is forbidden on Jumia. 
2. Goods and services
  There are some goods and services that are not on Jumia but are too plentiful on Jiji, such as cars, jobs, and many more.
4. Price
  Items on Jiji are slightly cheaper than items on Jumia, the reason for this is that items on Jumia are mostly new while people are allowed to post anything new or used on Jiji, which makes some items on Jiji cheaper than goods on Jumia.

5. Delivery
  Like I said earlier, Jumia is not just an online shopping site, so they also made shipping available to the buyer. This makes life much easier for customers who are far from their office or store, as well as customers who do not have the chance to go to their stores, most surprisingly, they sometimes provide customers free home delivery.
  While buying items on Jiji requires a post-negotiation meeting with the seller, it is also risky to request delivery of items on Jiji, more unreliable sellers, as you may be scammed in doing so. 
6. Discount
  Of course, Jumia offers discounts many times, mostly on Black Friday promo. This is the main opportunity for many customers to buys goods on Jumia, but the truth is that the price tags on Jumia are really stamped. WHILE the price of goods on Jiji can be negotiated between the buyer and the seller.
7. Return of goods.
  On Jumia, after the items you ordered have been delivered. You are also allowed to return an item if you found something wrong or if they delivered the wrong item, you can also request a refund or order a different item, this must be done up to 7 days after receiving your items.
  While  It is NOT available on Jiji, unless the seller agreed with your decision.
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