How to change Add friend to Follow in facebook

Do you want to change the add friend button on your Facebook profile to follow button?

Have you ever tried to change this but you found it difficult? This might be easier as you think.
What do I mean by Add friend and follow button on facebook?
Try to check on your Facebook profile using another facebook account, there’s an add friend button in which facebook users click on to send you a friend request.
Why should I change the add friend button to follow button?
*This makes your Facebook profile look standard and attractive to other facebook users.
*This feature is mainly for celebrities and other public figure’s page.
*You’ll also gain facebook followers instead of friend request (just as celebrities and other public figures).
Below are steps on how to change Add friend button to follow button on facebook.
Note: This will only be shown to those facebook users who don’t have you as a mutual friend (friends of friends). For those facebook users who have you as a mutual friend, it will still show Add friend.
Go to your Facebook account  (using facebook lite version app) Open your Facebook lite app.
Click on right menu bar at the top end.
Then scroll down and click on “settings”.
*Scroll down, check under Audience and visibility, Click on “How people can find and contact you”
*Click on “who can send you friend requests?”
*Check out, it should be on “Everyone”.
Now change it to “Friends of friends”
Now check it out with another facebook account, and make you’re not in mutual friend list.
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