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Welcome to this web page as you will learn how to create a free blog that can be monetized even on ad networks.

 A blog is a website that allows users to reflect, share opinions, and discuss various topics in the form of an online magazine, sometimes allowing readers to comment extensively on their posts. And most blogs are kept in a somewhat informal way (personal diaries, news, business, etc.).

  It usually takes a certain amount of money to create a blog or website, to do so, buy a domain name, website hosting, buy a template and the rest. But this article describes the quick and easy procedures for creating a blog website and the most amazing thing is that you can monetize this blog site and make money from it using a platform called “BLOGGER”. is a blogging platform owned by Google. With blogger, you can create your own blog without buying a domain or hosting, as Google provides you with all the tools. Blogger was created at a time when the Internet was relatively new, so writers and aspiring bloggers were excited to be able to simply share their thoughts online.
 At the same time, the functions and capabilities of the platform are quite limited. If you are basically someone who just wants to focus on writing your thoughts or testing the waters with blogging, then a blogger is highly recommended. When you open a blogger’s blog, you are specifically given a domain ending in . Creating the perfect blog site on is as simple as providing an email address. Below are the steps to create a blog site.
  *Go to your browser (chrome is recommended), literally go to the search bar and search for * Then sign in with your email address. *(Only three details are required to create this completely free blog)
  1. Add your username, this is the author’s name that will be displayed on your blog.
2. The name of your blog site. Choose a name that will appear in bold on your blog site. For instance. Non C Tech is definitely the name of this blog site (
3. Select a domain, the domain name or address can also be labeled as your site’s URL. This domain or URL should also be similar to the site name, contrary to popular belief. Make sure you mostly don’t choose a domain that’s already taken. Because the difference between this free domain and a custom domain is that the free domain ends in while you are free to choose any domain extension in the custom domain for the most part. These are especially easy steps to start a free blog once you can start adding posts.
 More features and benefits on free blog sites. 
 1. Monetization
  A free blogging site can also be monetized and made money from using AdSense or any other ad network.
 2. Custom theme or template. 
Generally, Blogger also provides many free themes and templates, but a custom theme or template can also be downloaded or added to this free blog site to create a blog according to your requirements, which is quite important.
 3. Custom domain. 
As I wrote earlier, a free blogger blog site usually ends in, but a really free blogger blog domain can be changed to your own custom domain at any time. ( can be changed to .com, .org, .net, .co, etc.)
  4. Crawling and Ranking.
The free blog site and posts can also rank in Google, Bing and Yahoo searches. As long as you are done with SEO and other necessary things.
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