How to create YouTube channel

Creating a YouTube channel have been tough for some people, while this isn’t a big deal as we’ll update you on how to create a YouTube channel.

Firstly, YouTube channel is a YouTube platform account where YouTubers and other contents creators upload some various videos for the publicity of viewers.
Photos can also be uploaded on YouTube but this company is well known for clips.
Today, there are billions of YouTube channels treating about some topics and categories.
Why should I create a YouTube channel?
YouTube is also one of the popular social media owned by Google, there are many good reasons why you should create a YouTube channel.
Creating a YouTube channel enables you to gain more audience, make more friends as long as you have good video creating and editing skills.
Not just that, you can also make some amount of cash from YouTube for the that you’ve reached the monetization requirements.
Making money on YouTube need more of your time, hardworking and passion.
Creating a YouTube channel requires just an Email address. As below are the simple procedures.
*Download the YouTube app from playstore or applestore, (not the Go YouTube version)
*Launch the app and click on the account logo settings by the top right corner.
*Scroll down and click on “Your channel”
*Normally, you email name will be there as your channel name, now edit it to the channel name of your choice.
*Your channel has been created, and you can add logo as well.
Here are simple steps to create a YouTube channel. And compulsorily, there some guidelines to follow before setting up a YouTube channel.
#Think and focus on one niche, don’t upload different videos with different categories.
#Don’t copy other’s content
Lastly, depending on why you created a YouTube channel, do it with passion and post consistently.
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