How to hide online status on Facebook

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  What is Online Status on Facebook?
  Online status is a way Facebook uses to show your friends and followers when you’re online or active, even if you’re offline on Facebook. This notice is usually shown with a small green dot ticked on the profile picture.
  It definitely means that whenever you log in or whenever you’re active on Facebook, that little green dot will appear on your Facebook profile just to show your friends that you’re active. And when you log out of Facebook, the green dot immediately disappears or changes from the last time you were active.
  Why you should turn off online status on Facebook.
  There are many reasons why you would want to turn off this online status on Facebook.
  *. Disabling online status helps keep your logging basics private, since friends won’t monitor when you log in or out of Facebook.
  *. Disabling online status also helps keep unwanted messages, just in case you don’t need unnecessary masses of messages from friends, disabling online status helps because it doesn’t when you’re active.
  Why you should enable online status on Facebook.
  Everything that has advantages also has its disadvantages.
  There are also many reasons why you should post your online status on Facebook.
  *. If you turn off online status, you may miss an important message as the sender may be waiting for you to be active but not knowing that you are actually active
  *. Enabling online active status also helps identify hackers. You always log into your Facebook account. If you have been offline for days sometimes, use a friend’s account to check your Facebook profile. Online status shows when you were active and last time logged in, which can help you spot hackers behind your Facebook account, especially if you noticed unknown login.
  How to enable and disable online status on Facebook
  There are actually two main ways or steps to disable and enable online status on Facebook.
  Step 1
  * Login to Facebook account (in Facebook Lite app)
  * Go to inbox
  * Click on the settings icon at the top, similar to the “*” symbol
  * Click active status for next page.
  * Now choose On if you want to turn it on or choose Off if you want to turn it off.
  step 2
  * Login to Facebook account (in Facebook Lite app)
  * Click on the menu icon
  * Scroll down and click Settings
  * Scroll down, click on the active status under “Audience and visibility”.
  * Click on the icon next to “active status”, if it is blue, the online status is activated. If it is white, the online status is now off.
  Those are the simple procedures to disable and enable online status and everything about it.
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