How to Identify any unknown Song

Have you heard about SHAZAM?

Have you ever been in a condition whereby you heard an unknown song somewhere on your phone?
I’m sure you may have experienced this.
Sometimes, when watching a video on your phone or video on social media, when listening to radio, or using any audio and visual App on your phone, you may have heard an interesting song which you may go further to download. But you couldn’t get these songs because you don’t know it’s title or even any artists of the songs.
You may have even try to search some part of the lyrics you heard on Google and other search engine but still no result.
Worry no more, because here are some tips and tricks to discover any unknown Music you heard on you mobile phone without stress, with just one click.
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*What is SHAZAM?
*How can I use Shazam to discover songs?
*More features about Shazam
What is Shazam?
Shortly, Shazam is a Mobile App that helps to discover any unknown Music on your mobile phone with just one click.
This Awesome app that helps to Discover songs, artists, lyrics and videos for free, was built few years ago by “Apple Inc”, with over Five Hundred million download (500,000,000+) on Google playstore and Apple store.
Though there are many other apps that works like Shazam, But this app with over 5 million rating of 4.6 star, has been leading when it comes to discovering unknown songs and others
How can I use Shazam to discover songs?
Like I said earlier, you can use this app with just one click and without stress, it’s such an easy App to use.
Here are steps to use Shazam
After you’ve downloaded the Shazam app or If you have Shazam app already,
*Make sure you’ve played on the video or unknown audio (song) which you’re about to discover with Shazam. While it’s on, minimize your phone and leave it on minimized list as you go back to home menu.
*Launch the Shazam App (open it).
*As you’ve launched the app, click on the blue bold Shazam icon with fancy “S”. (above the icon is “tap to Shazam”).
*Now, a page pop up showing “listening for music”, “make sure your devise is audible so that it can detect the song clearly”
*Now return back to the app you minimized earlier, which you want to discover it’s song. Wait for few seconds while it’s playing. Just few seconds, you’ll be notified on the notification bar, displaying all about the unknown song, title, artists, lyrics and many more. Click on the notification to see more details about the the song on the Shazam. Now your unknown song has been known, you can listen fully or go ahead to search on search engine with it’s title and artists name.
More features about Shazam.
As it is a great app, the publisher went further to add some features, which make Shazam more easy for users.
*Shazam from Notification bar.
You can add a Shazam Icon to your tool bar, in as much as making it possible for you to discover a song with just a click, without launching the app.
*Shazam from Pop-up.
You can also add a Shazam floating widget icon on your home to make it easier to discover a song.
*Auto Shazam.
To use this feature, just press and hold the Shazam icon to discover song easily.
*Country and City Charts
Shazam is also capable to discover any songs, geographically (all around the world). Songs of any genre, language both old and new.
This is a wonderful idea from “Apple Inc” to build such App to help people on those difficulties.
As Technology has come to stay, we hope it’s such a valuable information as we care to adapt you more on tech ideas.
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