How to monetize Facebook page

Facebook monetization has been another massive way of making money for Facebook page owners and Facebook creators.

Stay tuned as you learn how to monetize for all intents and purposes your Facebook page and generally make money as a Facebook creator in a big way. Have you ever thought about making money on Facebook? Yes, Facebook pays page creators and owners after meeting some monetization requirements. Facebook is a popular social network well known for chatting with people and meeting friends. But Facebook has made monetization possible for creators, which for the most part is quite impressive.
Below you will find everything you need to know about Facebook monetization.
How does Facebook monetization work? Definitely, you need to create a Facebook page before you start monetizing and really start making money.
Pick a specific niche or category for discussion in others so as not to mislead really your audience. Create a Facebook page, actually start inviting users, share your page posts with groups, and generally add unique posts successively.
Requirements for monetizing your Facebook page. 
To monetize a page on Facebook, you need some requirements, just like on YouTube. Monetizing on a Facebook page requires 10,000 likes or page followers and 6,000 viewing minutes. These specifically are basically the prerequisites for monetizing your Facebook page, you can apply for monetization using the Facebook Creator app.
In addition, there are some guidelines and rules for monetizing a Facebook page.
Unique Posts:
This feature also works like YouTube, which means very your posts should only be owned by you. Do not copy someone else’s post, as you may be banned for monetization.
Always post a video:
  Keep in mind that one of the really the highest monetization requirements on Facebook is 6,000 minutes of viewing. As a Facebook creator, this means that you should probably create and publish videos if you really want to monetize your page, which is fairly significant.
Don’t buy likes or followers:
  Likes and Facebook page followers are also the most fairly essential requirements for monetization, make for all intents and purposes sure your page audience is organic. Buying Likes and Followers (Audiences) on Facebook can lead to your page being for all intents and purposes disabled as this audience kind of is defined as bots in a subtle way.
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