How to stop phone from overheating

Welcome to this post as we update you on procedures to stop your smartphone from overheating.
Overheating on smartphones is very dangerous and substandard, as this may cause some faults.
Below are six procedures to follow.

1. Do not increase the brightness of the screen.

  Just like running apps in the background, increasing the screen brightness will make your phone’s battery work harder / tirelessly and generate excess heat. Instead, purchase an anti-reflective coating for your phone; It can help you see the screen in the sun, meaning you don’t have to strain your eyes when you use your phone in the sun.
  2. Do not enable unused applications on your phone.
  Many apps running in the background on your device drain your battery quickly. And, as a consequence, this leads to overheating of the phone or its heating.
  Try not to store groups of applications on your phone. Instead, uninstall apps that you’ve stopped using a long time ago, or disable open, unused apps running in the background to keep your phone from overheating.
  Removing or disabling unused apps will increase your phone’s battery life and also allow your phone to have a cooling effect.
3. Don’t operate phone while charging.
Operating on your phone while it’s plugged in to charger can always cause overheating on smartphones. In addition, it also weakens the phone’s battery as this may lead to faults on your smartphone.
Simply charge your phone before using it.
4. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight.
  The easiest way to prevent or prevent your phone from overheating is to keep it away from direct sunlight. Your phone picks up light and heat from the sun’s rays and stores them, which causes your phone to overheat or get worse the longer it stays in the sun and warmth.
5. Remove the case from the phone.
  In a situation where your phone is overheating, a phone case is not a feasible solution to avoid it.
  Removing or removing the case will allow the phone vents to do their job without getting clogged, which in turn will cool your phone quickly.
  It is also recommended that you remove the silicone or rubber cover of your smartphone while charging, as the phone will resist overheating while charging.
6. Turn on airplane mode for your device.
  Enabling airplane mode for your phone or device helps to extend battery life, thereby reducing the amount of heat your phone accumulates or stores.
  Airplane mode also allows you to have access to basic functions on your phone, but make sure you turn off other nonessential things that could make your battery work harder or affect your battery.
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