Is sub4sub allowed on YouTube?

Today, we’ll enlight you about sub4sub on youtube, which majority youtube creators normally do to increase their channel subscribe and watch hours too.
Is sub4sub good for youtube channel?
Can sub4sub harm a youtube channel?
Let’s check out
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*What is sub4sub?
*How can sub4sub harm a youtube channel
*How can a youtube creator succeed without sub4sub
What is sub4sub?
Offering to subscribe to other youtube creator in other to subscribe you back well known as “sub4sub”
Majority of youtube creators normally do this to increase youtube channel subscribe, especially small youtubers and beginners, who didn’t check about youtube policy or guidelines.
And some beginners who wants quick and easy success on youtube.
These sub4sub victims normally create or join social media groups and chatrooms on facebook, instagram and other Social Media mainly made for sub4sub.
Some even went an extra mile to create many email accounts.
When someone created about 10 gmail account, you could imagine exchanging 10 youtube channel subscriptions with 10 people within few hours, almost 100 subscribe for just few hours.
Some even purchase paid service for sub
While some join sites and Apps for easy sub4sub and youtube channel growth, this is very risky as you might end up losing your youtube channel to these untrusted Sites and Apps.
How can sub4sub harm a youtube channel?
The most mistake from many youtube beginners is that they hardly follow youtube policy and guidelines, majority wants to do because others are doing. That’s why some get disappointed at last, some end up being declined for monetization on youtube.
So before starting or creating a YouTube channel, I’ll advise you to study the youtube policy and guidelines fully.
Sub4sub is illegal on youtube, this doesn’t mean you’re going to arrested for doing it, but Sub4sub is a spam act, as youtube also go further to remove some these subscriptions, as many victims do complain about decreasing of subscribe after doing sub4sub. Some even accuse their college for unsubscribing after doing sub4sub. But definitely, youtube removed this as it’s not legit even though they watch the videos before hitting the subscribe button.
SUB4SUB is mentioned on youtube policy and guidelines, and highly condemned by youtube.
They stated that “Offering to subscribe to another creator’s channel only if they subscribe to your channel (“sub4sub”)”
By doing this, your youtube channel might be suspended or even terminated.
How can a youtube creator succeed without sub4sub?
There are some tips and tricks to get youtube channel subscribe, not sub4sub.
You watch youtube videos?
You subscribe to some channels?
My question is what was your reason for subscribing to that channel?
I guessed you subscribe because you want more of that exact video you watched on that channel.
These are some tips to get subscribers on youtube.
*Stick in to one niche and concentrate on one category, because creating different contents or different topics videos might mislead your audience and they might loose interest on your channel too.
*Create good and unique content people need to watch
*Add subscribe sticker and ask your viewers to subscribe for more videos
*Follow some other bigger channels with same niche as yours.
Also try to comment on their videos (nice video, check mine) ! don’t comment things like “subscribe on my channel I will subscribe back”
*Use only Youtube certified tool apps and site like Tubebuddy and vidIQ
*You can also contact us or SUBSCRIBE on our youtube channel for more tips on how to get youtube subscribers.
The real truth is that youtube growth is not that easy and simple as it pays. Beside, nothing good comes easy.
Becoming successful on youtube requires your time, hardwork and patience.
Stop your big and quick expectations for youtube. Just gradually, you’ll get there.
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