Some unknown tricks on smartphone

There are such a lot of tricks on smartphone (android) which a few people might not know about.

There’s extra to it than just chatting, browsing, taking pictures, and more. Many of these gadgets are superior to carry out particular duties that a number of us are unaware of.
There are a whole lot of tips like I stated earlier, however let’s provide an explanation for just five best tricks you could do with your Android phone, as it is indexed below.
1. Return of a lost notice.
If you turn away one of the messages you wanted to read and you are worried it is likely important, you could recover it.
Firstly, tap and hold an empty part of the home display screen and the display screen customization mode will be displayed. Select the widget and locate the setting shortcut. Drag this icon to an empty spot on one of the home screens and drop it in place, a list will automatically appear. Select the notification log from the list and tap the icon to open Android Notification History. 
2. Launch two apps at the same time.
Many Android users are unaware that they are able to run two apps at the same time – depending on the display screen orientation, the app will appear side by side or on the top and bottom.
To set it up, open the app carousel by in short dragging up from the lowest of the display screen. Drag there to the latest app you want to use, and click on the round icon on the top of the app preview. In the new menu, you need to see the Split Top option. Note that not all apps support this feature (which includes Instagram), so if this feature isn’t always visible, it is due to the fact you cannot use it this way. If you spot it, tap Split Top and the app will automatically move to the top or left of the display screen. The app carousel will appear on the opposite side, in which you can open any other app. This time, simply drag it and tap the preview to open it.
3. Use custom ringtones.
Most folks want to recognize who is calling, and the very best way to do this is to provide custom callers custom ringtones.
To do this; visit the Contacts app >> choose a person >> menu options >> edit >> assign a ringtone >> you may additionally select any default or custom ringtone or mp3 song.
4. Schedule a power on and off schedule.
Power on and off scheduling automatically turns your mobile phone on and off at certain times. It is better to turn off your cell phone at night time before going to bed.
To do this; visit System Settings >> schedule power on and off >> set time.
5. Make your fingerprint scanner extra accurate.
Although, this does not improve your phone’s fingerprint scanner. Specifically, you actually upload more fingerprint entries, which makes the scanner more accurate. What you may do is visit the settings, click on the fingerprint to sign up the same finger on all of the fingerprints and ensure you have modified the angle.

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