Things to know about inbuilt battery phones

Mostly all current smartphones these days are manufactured with inbuilt battery (battery that isn’t removable). This literally causes a life of issues and problem to users which is absolutely unknown to many people.

Stay tuned as you’ll be enlightened on this post about these issues, advantages and disadvantages of inbuilt battery phones, as it’s been listed below.

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Don’t drop your phone into water: A built-in battery is allergic to water and other liquid, unlike a non-removable battery, which you can immediately remove when it got wet. Even though your phone is water-resistant, like some of the Samsung, iphone smartphones and others, there’s no yet guarantee that it will definitely survive underwater.

Get rid of overheating: Since the inbuilt battery cannot be removed to cool it, turn off the smartphone completely and keep it on a cool and dry surface. Cover with a nylon and place a glass of cold water on top. After a few minutes, your phone should feel ice cold.

Keep the phone charged: Even if you don’t use your phone regularly, it is so much recommended to keep your phone well charged everytime. Batteries should be stored at a temperature of, 15 to 30 degrees Celsius with at least from 30 percent charge upwards. If you don’t use your phone for a long time, try to keep it as close to these settings as possible. Never leave your smartphone with a fully discharged battery for a long time. You may never be able to fix it or power it again after the battery is totally down.

Hanging or Not responsive: Unlike removable batteries, the inbuilt battery cannot be removed to stop frostbite. If your phone freezes or hangs unresponsive for more than 5 minutes, press and hold the Volume Down and Power buttons at the same time for 30 seconds to restart it. Your device should now be unfrozen and ready to use again. If your phone freezes, which is a temporary freeze, wait until it freezes again before removing running apps and restarting your phone.

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Check out some advantages and disadvantages of inbuilt batteries.

Advantages of inbuilt batteries

  • It had been proved by technology gurus that inbuilt batteries are stronger, durable and last longer than detachable batteries.
  • Inbuilt battery saves phone from damage, this is due to the fact that users are eager to remove detachable batteries all the time, which unknowingly cause harm to the phone slowly.

Disadvantages of inbuilt batteries

  • So much stress if it spoils, unlike removable battery which is easily to replace whenever it spoils. But inbuilt battery requires to go to phone repairers just to replace it whenever it spoil.
  • Users of phone with removable battery always have some spare batteries just Incase you run out of battery, which can help for emergency.

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