How to make money on Facebook

3 Legit Ways to make money on Facebook

Secretly, there have been many ways to make money on Facebook in which many Facebook users doesn’t know about.
Keep reading, as we guide you on these legit ways to earn on Facebook
Probably, Facebook is one of the most popular social media with the most engaged billions of users worldwide.
Facebook was created in the year 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg, and so far, the social media has been well developed to be one among the best. Some years ago, there was no monetization on Facebook, it was mainly for conversations, dialogue and other social engagements.
But today, many Facebook users are fetching a lot of money from Facebook in many legit ways. But the simple truth is that in any way though, you need a lot of active audience to start earning on Facebook. As they are listed below.
1) Facebook Creator.
This feature works exactly like YouTube, to become a Facebook Creator only requires creating of Facebook page. Creating of videos and reaching the the monetization requirements (10000 likes or followers and 6000 minutes watch).
These are always done by comedians, actors and actresses, musicians and other public figures.
Choose a niche, and make contents of yours, start gaining audience.
Then apply for monetization when you’ve gotten 10000 likes or followers and 6000 minutes watch, which are the monetization requirements.
2) Facebook Ads
This is one of simplest and easy way to earn on Facebook, more especially for those who’d have a lot of audience on his/her profile, page or group.
Just as Facebook have the highest number of users worldwide, investors or business owner contacts page and group owners for advertisement of their business.
In which they’re always paid to promote the business on their pages or group, exiting.
3) Affiliate marketing
Finally, folks could ask if it’s possible to run Affiliate programs on Facebook?
Yes, this possible and easier as well.
Being Affiliate marketer on Facebook requires a lot of audience also.
So they promote the businesses on their pages or group after signing up for the Affiliate programs.
Why some run Facebook paid ad to reach more viewers.
Like I said earlier, all these need much audience to get done.
I’m sure any of these can help you to start earning on Facebook.
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