How to make money on Instagram

Many people are wondering how to promote their Instagram account and make money from it, as it is currently the most popular social network among people of all ages, but especially the youngest ones. 

 The huge popularity of Instagram makes it an ideal place for brands to promote their products and services and build a business that can be very profitable. Since it was born in 2010 as a simple photo sharing platform, it is now a success. That is why in this article we will update you about how to promote your Instagram account and make money from it. Learning how to follow this can be very difficult, but at the same time very rewarding if done right, both through organic methods and through paid promotion on Instagram.

How to promote your Instagram account and make money from it
      If you want to know how to grow your Instagram account and make money from it, there are a number of aspects that you should consider, which we will detail below.
Post quality content
        To make money on an Instagram account, it is no longer enough just to take a picture on a mobile phone. Therefore, you should strive to publish quality content that takes into account many important points, such as: B. The device on which the photo was taken is out of stock. took over, in addition to considering framing, compositing and image processing. Photos can be taken with a mobile phone or camera, but in any case, they must be of high quality, have a sufficient number of megapixels, a good light sensor, a good lens and technology that improves image quality. ‘Drawing. Editing in dedicated professional applications such as Lightroom, Photoshop or Canva is recommended.
Choose a market niche
        If you have a joint account, this is not the best way to generate income from it, as it is especially difficult to set up. In order for your business account to be noticed and monetized, you need to specialize in a specific market niche. Remember that those who want to make money on Instagram treat their account as a place of work, and not as a personal profile. For now, remember that accounts related to animals and pets, shopping, brands, food, sports, fitness, cars, fashion, and beauty are doing very well.
Use ads on Instagram
        With so much competition on Instagram, it’s important to stand out from the rest, which is why you’ll probably have to invest some money first to make any sort of income. This should be done through Instagram ad campaigns, but always with care and responsibility, setting a budget within our means.
Sell ​​your photos in image banks
        If you need another way to generate income, you can resort to selling your photos to image banks. There are also many microstock portals where you can sell some of your finished photos. These types of portals are becoming more and more popular as they are a platform where brands, companies and professionals buy photos, some of the royalties go to the author and some goes to the platform. It can offer you many benefits and make it an alternative way to make money from Instagram photography. 
Use Instagram Stories, Live Events and Instagram TV (IGTV)
        In addition, you can monetize your Instagram account with the Instagram Stories, Live Streams, and Instagram TV features. Instagram Stories has become one of the most used features by users of all ages, helping to reach a large audience and being the perfect medium to promote all kinds of products. and services. On the other hand, live broadcasts allow you to interact with the public and thus retain subscribers and attract new users, which allows you to build a community around your account. Plus, Instagram TV is perfect for boosting your Instagram account monetization strategy.
Leverage Influencer Marketing Platforms
        There are various platforms that offer influencer marketing services and help brands connect with influencers so they can pay you in exchange for posting sponsored posts on your account. You can create a dossier about yourself detailing who you are, what your audience is, what niche you specialize in, and of course your followers if you want to reach them. only agencies. However, you can also use platforms such as Influenz, Coobis, SocialPubli or Fluvip, among others, to connect brands with influencers who would benefit from ads on their Instagram accounts.
Sell ​​your presets or filters
        Manually creating presets for your photos also gives you the opportunity to sell them and make extra money from them, which is a common gimmick among many photographers and others. who want to monetize their Instagram account. With all these points that we have mentioned, you can expand your Instagram account, reach more people and also make money from your account on the platform, which requires constant work and effort, since nowadays it is not so easy to know than others because more and more people dream of earning economic income through their account on a well-known social platform.
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