How to free up space on your phone without deleting files

Obviously, there are usually a few times when our smartphone refuses to accept more files because the memory space is full. At this point, you need to free up memory space by deleting some files in which you may be deleting important files and documents.

  Although different mobile phones have a unique storage capacity of both ROM and RAM. However, there may be a small number of files in your phone and the device is reading full. In this article, I’ll show you how to free up space on your phone without affecting the files. Read it below;
1. Clear the cache.
A cache is an information file that is temporarily stored in your phone and shows how often you use a specific application. To clear the cache, open the phone settings and open applications. Select each app at a time, and you’ll be prompted to clear your cache.
These caches take up almost 20% of your phone’s storage space, and deleting them may not affect the functionality of your phone or applications, as they contain important documents that are not needed for the application to function properly.
2. Delete the duplicate files.
  Duplicate files can fill up your memory without wasting time, as the same files are lost more than once. Always use the Duplicate File Checker to scan duplicate files.
3. Delete the thumbnails
The thumbnail contains duplicate document and video documents from your phone. In addition, it takes up a large part of the storage space. To delete it, open the file manager, click the three dots in the right corner, and choose to show hidden files. Then go to DCIM and delete the thumbnail from there.
4. Use a file compressor.
  Finally, whenever you notice that a file has more memory than you need, use a file compressor to compress and reduce the file size.

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