How to save battery on iPhone

Weak battery life is one of the main problems many people face when using their mobile phones today. Many smartphones today don’t even give you the time it takes to complete the task at hand, which can make matters worse. Screen brightness, camera, background processes, screen refresh rates, and other factors can contribute to poor battery life. Below how to extend your phone’s battery life both only android and IOS.
1. Don’t operate your phone while charging.
Pressing your mobile phone while it’s plugged in to charger isn’t good, this can weak the battery battery lifespan. It’s advisable to use your phone after been charged. Pressing phone while charging is one of the factors affecting battery lifespan.
2. Decrease the brightness of the screen and the time you spend with it.
  When the screen is on, your Android or iPhone uses more power, especially if the brightness is set to a high level. If the battery is low, do not use the screen to follow navigation instructions, and avoid watching movies and games or programs with a lot of animation. If you absolutely must use the screen, lower the brightness to conserve battery life more especially in the night, which also help to keep you safe from eye problem.
3. Keep track of your applications.
  Many popular apps, especially those with a lot of graphics or sound, are notorious for being energetic. Video games, especially the free versions with ads, are the worst offenders, so keep Angry Birds in case you’re near an outlet. Also, remember to close your apps and not just minimize them. Apps that run quietly in the background can drain your battery. To do this, double-tap the Home button to view which apps are currently running, then press and hold one of the icons until it starts wiggling. To close the application icon, tap the icon in the upper left corner.
4. Use the battery saving mode.
  Many modern phones have a low power or battery saver mode. This can darken your screen, switch it to black and white, and severely limit your phone’s functionality. However, in some cases the battery life will double. This is a lifesaver when the battery is running low and the charger is not around.
5. Avoid using battery that isn’t suitable for the phone.
Specifically, this is for those using removable or non inbuilt battery phones. People using this type of Mobile phones Normally use another battery that isn’t suitable for the phone especially when they’ve run out of battery, as long as it can possibly power the phone, this may weak the battery terminal and power IC, and it cause unsatisfactory battery as well.
6. Turn off vibration.
  While it may be less frustrating, the vibration feature on your phone uses more power than regular ringtones, so turn it off. To save battery power, keep your ringtones at a low volume and mute any unnecessary beeps that tell you when you tap the screen. It will consume less battery if you set it to silent mode. This is not ideal because you won’t be able to tell if someone is calling or texting you. However, desperate times call for extreme measures.
7. Remove any applications running in the background.
  Even after you’ve closed the app, it’s amazing how many of them keep running in the background. They can do anything, like determine your location so that the map app opens faster. In addition, they may collect your information for sale to third parties. They’re draining anyway. Remove them from your phone and it will live much longer.
8. It is necessary to reduce the number of push notifications of applications.
  Getting immediate notification when you receive a new Facebook post or Twitter mention can be a great way to stay connected on the go. However, if there are a lot of them, the battery life will suffer. Turn off or restrict notifications to only the most important apps.
9. Use recommended charger only.
Using chargers that isn’t recommended to charge mobile phones can also damage the battery.
Also, using a low power or voltage charger to charge bigger phone can also lead to unsatisfactory battery lifespan.
 Use only recommended charger or specified product charger to charge mobile phones every time.
I hope these 9 tips can help you to save your battery life more, and keep you out from battery problems while using your mobile phone.
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