3 best highest paying freelance skills

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What are Freelance skills?
Freelance skills are basic digital skills acquired by freelancers to help solve basic needs of brands or individuals.
In a simple term, freelance skills are digital skills you learn to help you earn online as a Freelancer.
There are many Freelance skills out there but today we will be looking at the highest paying ones.
 1. Customer Care Representative:
     Top brands and agencies mostly those who get 75% of their customers online are deeply in search of Freelancers who can assist in customer care department.
As we all know that immediate and reliable customer care supports services makes a brand or business trusted by it’s cleints and that’s why most brands don’t joke with their customer care department. To the advantage Freelancers seeking for earnings can take hold of this opportunity.
To be accepted into any company or organization as a customer care representative, you must learn how to speak English fluently and how to relate friendly with people. Additionally you can learn French and German as well this will boost your CV and open you to higher earnings opportunity.
 2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Expert:
  This is one of the most highest paying Freelance job in the internet. In US, the average salary of an SEO analyst is around $65 – $180 per hour. As you can see this is not a childs play. Search engine optimization (SEO) can take you months or even years to fully learn and comprehend, that’s why no one is an SEO Expert. Search engine optimization involves the proper optimizing and working on a site on page and off page SEO to help boosts it’s ranking on search engines result pages (SERP). This involves the use of white hat SEO techniques and the likes so as to grant the site authority to be able to rank on SERP on keywords that are capable of driving visitors to the site. Like I said earlier it may take you months or years to fully graps what SEO is all about and how to go about it.
 3. Social Media Manager
Many top companies and brands are in search of Freelancers who can manage their social media accounts and get paid.
As a Freelancer you can take hold of this opportunity and search for jobs like this and apply.
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