Difference between blogger.com wordpress.com and wordpress.org

Many have been quite confused about blogger.com, WordPress.com and WordPress.org, These three things are the mainly platforms used to create a blog or website.
Below are the main difference between these top  platforms.
  Blogger.com is a blogging platform created and owned by Google. Blogger allows you to create your own blog site without having to buy a domain or hosting, since Google makes all of this available for free.
  A blog is a website that allows viewers and users to reflect, share opinions and discuss various topics in the form of an online journal, with readers sometimes being able to comment on their posts. Most blogs are written in a light, personal diary, sports, entertainment, news, business, etc.
For example Non C Tech is a blog site.
  So, Blogger mainly consists of creating a blog site for these functions.
  Anyway, Blogger is friendly to beginners and newbies. Blogger was founded at a time when the internet was still relatively new, so writers were very happy to be able to share their thoughts online. With that in mind, the platform’s features and capabilities are fairly limited. If you’re someone who just wants to focus on writing your thoughts or testing the waters with blogging, then you can use Blogger. When you create a blog on Blogger, you get a domain ending in .blogspot.com.
  Additionally, Blogger allows you to add your blog site to Adsense or any other advertising network for monetization. Even if it is the free blog site that is a source of income mainly through blogging.
  There are also many themes on the platform, but they allow users to add a custom theme of their choice, which is pretty cool.
  This platform is similar to blogger.com which means it is also a free platform. You get domain and hosting for free. Point out that just getting a domain and hosting for free doesn’t mean it’s really yours. You just rent a place for free on a platform that you don’t own. That means they can always ban you or kick you out if you violate their terms and conditions. It also means that what you can do with your blog is kind of limited. However, WordPress also gives you the ability to set up a simple website, not just a blog. When you open a WordPress blog. You will receive a domain ending with wordpress.com. WordPress.com is primarily intended for casual publishers and writers. Writers who simply share their thoughts, stories, opinions, etc.
  But the problem is that monetization on websites built on wordpress.com gets little approval from ad networks, which means many bloggers don’t typically use them unless they want to blog for fun.
  Please note that both Blogger.com and WordPress.com also allow you to buy your own professional personal domain if you don’t want to use the free domain provided to you.
  WordPress.org is the only platform that ensures that everything you build on it actually belongs to you. Unlike the other two platforms (blogger.com and WordPress)
  WordPress.org is very powerful. It is open source software that allows you to create powerful websites and blogs. However, this is a bit advanced as you would need to buy your own domain and host and manage your site files. In other words, you are in control of every aspect of your website. But the good thing about using wordpress.org is that by using this platform you are already laying the perfect foundation for your blogging success. One thing that makes wordpress.org more powerful is its plugins. Plugins are software that add additional features and functionality to your website or blog. Think of anything you want to achieve with your blog, there are 99.9% specific plugins for that.
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