How to Add Big Brother Naija Live to your Website

The most popular Nigerian TV show, Big Brother Naija, abbreviated as BBN or BBNaija has actually started this year (2022) and it is the seventh edition since its inception in Nigeria.
Big Brother Naija is a reality show where contestants live in an isolated house and compete for a big cash prize at the end of the show, avoiding eviction from the audience.
In our own opinion, it doesn’t need to be introduced at all because it is one of the most popular TV shows in Africa.

Stay tuned as we get updates on a simple tutorial on how to add Big Brother Naija Live to your website.
So, are you a website owner, blogger or web designer? Study the tutorial below to get it done in minutes.

First of all, you will definitely add Big Brother Naija Live Show to your website with a coding script, but that doesn’t mean you need complete coding knowledge to do it. You can add it to any site, regardless of where you created your site (WordPress, Blogger, etc.).
We used blogger’s site for the tutorial below, but we hope you’ll get plenty of ideas to do this no matter where you’ve built your site.

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  • Go through the steps below step by step.
  • Log in to your Blogger dashboard
  • Go to the menu and click on Layout
  • Search for an existing ad banner space that’s already dedicated to advertising based on where you want to add the live shoy on your site OR
  • Go to the sidebar section and add a new gadget
  • A list of gadgets will appear, then select HTML/JavaScript
  • Under Title Add your chosen show title, we recommend ‘Big Brother Naija Live Show’ to explain to visitors what they are watching.
  • Under Content Add the coding Script (we dropped below the coding script, scroll down to copy it)

Here is the iframe coding script, copy and paste while applying the tutorial.
Warning: “” in this script is for illustration only. Please note that you need to replace your website URL with “”. We also used .com as the domain extension. replace it with your website’s domain extension (such as .net, .org, .co, .info, etc.).

<iframe src=";" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen="true" scrolling="no" height="278" width="620"></iframe>

We hope that with this well-explained article, you are really informed about how to add Big Brother Naija Live Show to your website. You can also comment below if you found this tutorial helpful or faced any issues.
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