How to grow your YouTube Channel

Are you thinking of how to grow your YouTube channel with SEO and other stuff?
Or are you wondering how other YouTube channels gain massive growth within short period of time?
Stay tuned because in this article you’ll be enlightened on how to optimize and grow your YouTube channel from scratch and other things to avoid.

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Firstly let’s check out how to get started and grow your YouTube channel viewers and subscribers.

1. Choose a Specific Niche

First of all, Choose a good niche you’re good at and stick in to it. Don’t post videos that relates with different niches in other not to mislead your audience.
Note: A niche is a specific topic or category (e.g Entertainment, Tech, Sports, Religion etc..)

2. Create Quality videos

You’re not the only content creator on YouTube, so you’ve to create a good and quality videos that viewers will be comfortable with while Watching.
Quality videos should be described as the following:

  • A video that contains meaningful, interesting, informative, educational and entertaining contents.
  • A video with good and interesting intro and start up, just get your viewers attention for them to keep waiting till the end.
  • A video that’s very clear sharp, No one will like to watch a blurry video, so you’ve to create a video with high quality of, at least 640p resolution above.
  • A video with audible voice and sound, don’t upload a video with less volume voice and sound, don’t upload a video with an unnecessary voices and sounds. You use a software to erase the background noice or use a copyright free music instead.

3. Post Consistently

According to VidIQ, YouTube channel which do post on YouTube consistently have a lot of recommendations, viewers and subscribers and also help in YouTube algorithm, Posting at least 2 videos or more in a week helps in growing your YouTube channel especially if it’s a new channel. This is one the tips to get more impression and YouTube suggestions.

4. Use attractive Thumbnail

Most thumbnails tends to drive nore views to your channel always make sure to create an attractive and catchy thumbnails that people would like to click on.
You can create a good YouTube thumbnail on pixelLab, canva or thumbnail maker.

5. Use good title.

Use a meaningful title after you’ve done your keyword research well, don’t use a title that doesn’t relate with the video or title that has no meaning.

6. Reply your video Comments

It means that he or she values your contents when a viewer comment or asks question on your video.
Most big YouTubers never fail to reply comments on their comments section , it shows your viewers that you have concerns over their issues and you also make sure you give a solution to their issues and problem , it drivers them back to your channel anytime.
So endeavor to reply their comments always.

7. Ask your viewers to Like, Subscribe and Turn on Notification bell.

I’m sure you must seen it on a YouTube video whereby the video creator asks the viewers to Like, Subscribe, and Turn on Notification bell. Check out why he or she told viewers to do that;

  • Like: A viewer liking your video, it’s kind of and engagement with the channel, YouTube will also recommend some other of your contents to him or her later
  • Subscribe: This could be explained as fans or channel followers, just like having followers on Instagram or Page likes on Facebook. Subscribing on your channel is so important as it one of the requirements for Channel monetization (1000 Subscribers) and YouTube milestone awards (Silver: 100,000 subscribers. Gold: 1,000,000 subscribers. Diamond 10,000,000 subscribers).
  • Notification bell: When your channel Subscribers turn on notification bell, this will really prompt YouTube to notify them immediately after you uploaded a video.
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SEO Tips for growing a YouTube channel.
Check out below for some SEO (search engine optimization) tips to grow a YouTube channel.

1. Keyword Research

Do some keyword research consistently before posting, keyword research tells you what people are searching for.
You can check out on Tubebuddy, VidIQ, H-supertool etc., you can get one of the ranking keywords that suites your niche and content.
As small channel, It is recommended to use a keyword with high or medium search volume and with a low KD (keyword difficulties)
Since YouTube has it own Algorithm and search engine you can also do a research survey on YouTube and check out the ranking keywords similar. In writing also make is shorten to help the algorithm of channel .

2. Get a Website or Blog

Having an associate Website or blog is trending way to drive viewers to your YouTube channel and drive traffic to your website or blog, It shows your visitors and viewers that your authentic and professional.

3. Add other necessary things
Make you added other necessary things like;

  • Description: Description help also describe to search engine what the video is all about, always add a well constructed and meaningful description to your YouTube videos.
  • Tag: Tags is another form of keywords that helps videos improve in SEO.
  • Hashtags: Adding some specific hashtags helps to group YouTube videos on algorithm, hashtags are normally added on description section.

Things to avoid on YouTube.
As a YouTuber, more especially beginners, there are some to avoid on YouTube in other not to get penalized, restricted or banned. Check out below:

  1. Don’t copy others contents, copying others content without their permission is against the YouTube policy, and YouTube will probably restrict you without waisting time.
  2. Don’t upload erotic contents, YouTube can also ban you if you upload any video that contains sexual display as it’s against their policy.
  3. Don’t do sub4sub, subscribing to a channel in other to subscribe back to your channel known as sub4sub is against YouTube channel. it doesn’t mean that they might ban you while doing this but it definitely hurts algorithm.
  4. Buying of views, Subscribers and watch hours, these acts are actually against the YouTube policy, meanwhile some the views, Subscribers and watch hours you purchase could be bots.
  5. You can also read the YouTube monetization policy to get more enlightened.

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We hope you got covered with this post and it really help you as a beginner to grow your channel.

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