List of inventors killed by their own inventions

Have you ever heard about history or story about inventors who loss their lives as a result of what they invented some years ago?
And have you been wondering about these history?
Stay tuned as this is a list of inventors whose loss of life was in a few way as a result of or associated with a product, process, procedure, or different innovation that they invented or built.
According to history, there a lot of inventors who were killed by what they invented, but below are eleven inventors we’re sure of.

1. William Bullock
William Bullock was an American inventor whose 1863 improvements to Richard Mart Hugh’s rotary printing press helped revolutionize the printing industry due to its high speed and efficiency.
He invented the web rotary printing press. Several years after the invention, his foot turned into crushed at the same time as putting in a new device in Philadelphia. The crushed foot advanced gangrene and Bullock died at some point of the amputation.

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2. Francis Edgar Stanley
He was killed riding the Stanley Steamer. He drove his vehicle right into a pile of wood, trying to keep away from the farm wagons that were driving along on the road, which resulted his death instantly.

3. Sylvester H. Roper
The inventor of the steam-powered bicycle of the same name died of a coronary heart attack or subsequent coincidence at some point of a public velocity trial in 1896. It isn’t really acknowledged if the crash brought on the coronary heart attack or if the coronary heart attack brought on the crash.

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4. Franz Reichel
A tailor fell to his death from the first deck of the Eiffel Tower at the same time as checking out his invention – a coat parachute. It became his first attempt with a parachute and he had informed the authorities that he would test it with a dummy first.

5. Andrei Zheleznyakov
A Soviet scientist was developing chemical weapons in 1987 while a malfunction in the hood found out lines of the nerve agent Novichok. He spent weeks in a coma, was not able to walk for months and suffered several years of ill health before death of its results in 1992.

6. Fred Duesenberg
He died in a excessive speed traffic accident with his Duesenberg (an automobile he invented).

7. Ismail ibn Hammad al-Jawhari
A Kazakh Turkish scientist from Faraba attempted to fly using two wooden wings and a rope. He jumped from the roof of a mosque in Nishapur and fell which resulted his loss of life.

8. Karel Soucek
He was an expert Canadian stuntman who developed a shock-absorbing barrel. He died after an illustration in which a keg became dropped from the roof of the Houston Astrodome. He was fatally wounded while his barrel struck the side of a water tank designed to cushion his fall.

9. Valerian Abakovskis
A Soviet Engineer, He constructed the Aero wagon, an experimental excessive speed railcar geared up with an aircraft engine and propeller power designed to move Soviet officials. In 1921, it derailed at excessive speed, killing 5 of the 22 on board, together with Abakovski

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10. Alexander Bogdanov
He was a Russian physician, philosopher, technology fiction creator and innovative of Belarusian ethnicity who experimented with blood transfusions in an attempt to obtain everlasting youth or at the least partial regeneration. He died after taking blood from a child who was affected by malaria and tuberculosis and can additionally have had the wrong blood type.

11. Benjamin Franklin
An American scientist who invented the Electricity. In 1750, Franklin learned one lesson the hard way, when he mistakingly electrocuted himself while trying to electrocute a turkey as he’s try to show and prove how deadly electricity could be when being electrocute. Franklin agreed that electrocuting the turkey made it uncommonly tender. Franklin also believed a turkey killed with electricity would be tastier than one dispatched by conventional means.

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