How to make money on YouTube

Many are quite confused about youtube paying it’s creators,

While some don’t believe it.
Some go ahead to search engines searching things like, “how to make money on YouTube”
But I assure you, Youtube pays it’s creators after achieving some requirements and passing some reviews.
Stay tuned as we explain to you how Youtube works, how it pays and the requirements to pass before monetization.
*How does Youtube works
*How does Youtube pays
*Some tips for youtube monetization
As we all know about youtube, it’s a website/app mainly for watching videos. But surprisingly, youtube pays their creators some tokens for placing Ads on their videos.
Sometimes when watching videos on YouTube, there’s always an advertisement of short videos shown at the beginning of the videos.
Many find it annoying, but actually, these creators are being payed because of this ads.
Like I said earlier, creators are being payed for placing Ads on their videos. Some organization and business owners pays YouTube certain rates to advertise and promote their businesses on YouTube, youtube takes %45 of this amount of money they paid, then the rest are for these creators, exciting right?
Youtube is owned by Google, there are many to earn from Google and youtube is one of them.
But before being payed by youtube, you have to reach some requirements before applying for monetization, this is where creators find it hard and somehow strict.
This requirements are 1000 Youtube Subscribers and 4000 watch hours.
Yeah, whenever you watch YouTube videos, there’s a point where the creator ask viewers to click on the SUBSCRIBE button. Subscribing on a youtube channel helps the creator to reach one of the monetization requirements and also also helps to gain audience.
Getting Subscribers is a bit hard, not all viewers who watched your videos will want to Subscribe, so some creators go ahead to do sub 4 sub or buying Subscribers, which is not supported by youtube.
Youtube watch is also hard to get, especially when your videos are not lengthy, not interesting, also not in a good quality. People will find it boring viewing your videos and reaching 4000 hours watch might be tough.
Many creators really earn huge amount of money on YouTube, but to reach the requirements are not easy as you may think
Below are some tips to guide you for youtube monetization.
*Avoid sub4sub. Subscribing to a youtube channel in other to Subscribe to you back, well known as sub4sub is highly banned by youtube. It can hurt your channel algorithm and your channel as well.
*Don’t copy people contents.
Copying any part of other content to upload on your channel is unacceptable. Youtube doesn’t waste time to take down such video or channel if you get caught
*Create good content that people will love to watch.
Don’t just create a channel and start uploading any video. Create good and educative content that people will like to watch all the time
*Create enough contents.
As you’re creating good contents, make sure that viewers will like to expect more. Don’t just create few videos and start expecting for monetization requirements.
*Create good thumbnails.
Good thumbnails are one of the things that can drive traffic to your videos. Make good thumbnails that people would like to click on.
*Youtube policies and guidelines.
Lastly, before even creating a youtube channel as a beginner. Make sure you studied the you policies and make sure you don’t violates any of their rules
As we all knows, nothing good comes so easy.
Youtube pays a lot but it’s somehow tough.
But don’t quit because of the hardness, it just need your time and hard-working to get there.
Do it
Don’t quit
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